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Youth Catalyst – A new beginning

After returning home from the Youth Catalyst training organized in the Czech Republic I took part in a training course again, where I could deepen my knowledge about designing and giving workshops and trainings.

As I find lifelong learning and mobility very important nowadays, my aim was to promote Erasmus+ projects and transfer the acquired knowledge among youth workers. I organized a workshop for the local board members

of the Erasmus Student Network, who deal with the incoming Erasmus students of the university. Each semester they select the most motivated Hungarian mentors for the students who help them during their stay. As a former mentor and president of the ESN Miskolc, I know that most of the mentors apply because they would like to either improve their English, or be part of a community where they can meet new people and get to know other cultures. Most of them are driven by the desire of going on Erasmus.

The young volunteers of ESN are eager to motivate their mentors as much as possible and they also work on providing quality time for the incoming students. However the members know each other, they could even learn more about each other during the exercises of the workshop.

We were talking about their programs and different kind of motivational methods that they can use.

This was the first time they have heard about Youth Exchange and Erasmus+ trainings and they got to know the programs and activities of Sabai Tréning Egyesület as well.

They found these mobility projects very useful not only for their university studies but also for strengthening their potentials and raising their value on the labour market later.

They are interested in many different kind of fields, and by presenting them the former projects of the Sabai Tréning Egyesület I could also show them how they are able to improve their competences and how Youthpass gives it a form which can be added to their CV.

Our work does not stop here, we agreed on a further collaboration. I am invited to their mentor camp, which will be organized in August, as they would like their mentors also know about these mobility projects. As a Sabai Education Volunteer I am more than happy to go and help them if they have questions during the application process or before travelling. We were also talking about organizing a local ESN meeting, where the alumni and current members could meet each other, share their experiences, memories and good practices.

At the end of the workshop they gave me a present full of ESN Miskolc products. It was good to see that they still use the logo our team designed and know how nicely their network is developing. Why was this experience so precious for me? The reason is simple: I felt the ESN spirit again and together we can continue helping and motivating people to become their best selves as youth workers.

I am very grateful for seeing how dots are connected in my life and how my past became my present again. Once Erasmus, always Erasmus!

Author: Nyikita Lilla

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