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Create Peace Through Leadership: Mindfulness in Youth work

“It is no use reading books of guidance if one is not determined to live what they teach”-The Mother

ERASMUS+ recently has been catching the wave of mindfulness. And we are on the wave too. As an organization promoting meditation and organizing private mindfulness retreats, it is a sin to leave it out from our events for youth workers. Having in mind how beneficial self-development tools ar for personal development, we consider it a must to be learnt by youth workers.

So what do we  add to our ERASMUS+ projects to give it a taste of mindfulness?

1) Mindfulness Culture-meaning that no intoxicants shall be allowed during the training course/youth exchange. It shall be clearly written in the infopack and by coming participants agree to respect our culture. In exchange we agree to respect our agreement;

2) Personal culture evenings instead of intercultural evenings. We are much more than the cultures we grew up in or where we live in. We are a little bit of everything. It is much more attractive and diverse to present what our culture is rather than hiding behind presenting stereotypes and labels. It can be a song, poem (even written by participants), favourite quote, dance, performance, whatever is meaningful for a participant;

3) Venue-ideal one for mindfulness is some place away from city, away from bars, cafes and shops, emerged in nature, where one can forget the busyness and urge for comforts;

4) weak wifi-which is a tool for strong interpersonal connection;

5) early morning yoga/meditation offered by one of the participants or a guest teacher;

6) few minutes of meditation before every session;

7) spiritual evening activities-like Dance Mandala, Meditation, Limelight or poem night

Do you have any tools which you use?

We would be happy to hear!

Author: Ieva Ugne Ulianskaite

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