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Spread the message: Extremless Europe E+ Dissemination

We did our dissemination activity of Extremless Europe on the 23rd of november at the II.Rákóczi Ferenc Közgazdasági Szakgimnázium in Budapest, where Dorina studies Tourism (on OKJ). We had around 10 people participating and we got their teacher involved as well. Altogether we had a 90 min time limit and there was a lot that we wanted to touch on.
We started with a general introduction to Erasmus+
and showed a video that was made of another project in France that I participated in (Find the balance), just for them to see what it really looks like. Then
we played a bunch of energizer type of games and some shorter activities like expressing an emotion on a scale or the “bip” game
where 1 person needs to find out what their task is by only receiving this “bip” sound from everyone else when he/she is doing something right, and we played “guess my passion” as well in the end.
We wanted to do the story telling activity from the Extremeless Europe project but even that alone took an hour and a half and we could only get to up tp 4 people’s stories so we decided to just talk about the activities we did like the one where we had to write down 8 identity points of ours and have our neighbors cross out some of them and then we had to cross out some as well and in the end we were left with just 1 or 2 and discuss what it felt like.
We also touched on the fact how incredibly professional the training was with these highly educated and involved guest trainers we had.
We talked about the importance of being aware of radicalization and ways it can happen.
Their teacher was with us the whole time and she also found the topic very important especially these days, being a French teacher she knows a lot about the events that happened in France and looked into the background stories of all of them, so then we just had an open discussion about the subject where they could ask any questions and we closed with explaining how they could get involved with Erasmus+ and where to find projects they can apply to.
Over all I think it turned out quite successful.
Author: Rita Királyfy