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Stories about empowerment: Give a chance

Sabai training would like to share several different articles about people who are empowering themselves in several ways. Our first article is about an amazing group of people in Bali, Indonesia who have schizophrenia but despite their conditions which might pull them back, they and their organization is truly an inspiring example how you can let people be empowered by giving them the space and chance.

One of our team member Dora has visited them and offered meditation session which was a lovely experience. Thank you very much for I Dewa Ayu Dwika for writing this article to show how brave and amazing people are at Rumah Berdaya.

About Rumah Berdaya Denpasar

Rumah Berdaya Denpasar is a rehabilitation place for people with schizophrenia, which is located in Denpasar Bali. We open every Monday to Saturday during office hours (09.00-16.00 WITA). Our active members consist of more than 25 people, age range: 25 to over 60 years old, who are usually picked up by our staff and public health service staff from their house to Rumah Berdaya Denpasar. Here, they are trained to become more productive, sociable and get healthy life mentally and physically.

About Schizophrenia

Schizophrenia is one of chronic and severe mental disorder caused by many factors such as genes, environment, brain structure and brain chemistry. This mental disorder can cause the patients have lack control of their thought, feeling and behavior. Those who suffering schizophrenia can experience active symptom such as: hallucination and delusion, sometimes they have difficulty in organizing their thought or having illogical thinking. For others experiencing negative symptom, they will have flat emotion and difficulty for showing their feelings.

About our vision

This is aimed for establishing and developing rehabilitation place which empower and enable them to socialize, maintain their health, and prepare them for life-skill which can be used in their real-life situation. Rumah Berdaya Denpasar is unique because it is located in the very near central city of Denpasar and close to community.

About Activities in Rumah Berdaya Denpasar

  • Group Art Expression Therapy
  • Daily health check-up
  • Cooking
  • Gardening
  • Production
  • Family Meeting
  • Motorcycle wash
  • Sports
  • (chess, badminton, aerobic)

About Rumah Berdaya Hand Made Products

We are making various hand made products to be sold such as:

  • T-shirt
  • Apron
  • Painting
  • Tote bag
  • Soap
  • Incense aromatherapy
  • Products from recycled paper (bokor, dulang, keben, pancil case, etc)
  • many more

About Event in Rumah Berdaya Denpasar

Family Day

This activity was held once in 2017 to commemorate family day. We invited families of Rumah Berdaya members to gather, attend seminars by artist, psychologist, psychiatrist and coordinator Rumah Berdaya Denpasar about how family support can help schizophrenia patients gain more healthy life.

Soft launching poetry book of Angga Wijaya

Angga Wijaya is one of our Rumah Berdaya members who diagnosed with schizophrenia. He successfully wrote a poetry book and launched it in Rumah Berdaya Denpasar in January 2018.

ART(S) (Youth Action without Stigma)

This activity had been organized once in early July 2018 at Rumah Berdaya Denpasar. ART(S) achieved greatly success to invite teenager, who mainly high school students to take a part as participants. They were worked together with our member and obtained mini seminars by psychiatrist and psychologist about stigma and mental health.

Art Exhibition

Every year, we attend some festivals to exhibit our product. One of the annual event is Denpasar Art Festival in the end of the year. Besides that, our products are also demonstrated in gallery room at Rumah Berdaya Denpasar.

Who Support us?

  • A community cares for schizophrenia in Bali (KPSI-Simpul Bali)
  • Denpasar mayor
  • Public health service of Denpasar (Dinas Kesehatan in Denpasar)
  • Social service (Dinas Sosial in Denpasar)
  • Community and third parties

Our Team in Rumah Berdaya Denpasar

Psychiatrists and Artist

Rumah berdaya Denpasar was initiated by psychiatrist namely Dr. Rai Wiguna, Dr. Yudhi Kurniawan and also an artist called Budi Agung Kuswara, founder of Ketemu project.


Every working days, there is a nurse on duty in our health room.


Our volunteers came from various backgrounds: health, psychology, high school student, history, social study and many more.


Every Saturday, our trainers voluntarily train aerobic to the members of this community. We also have trainers for making products using re-usable paper materials.

How to be involved in Rumah Berdaya Denpasar

  1. Voluntary activity
  2. Internship program
  3. Partnership
  4. Donation

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