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Bring Heroes to Life – Wake them up!

You think that one week is just one week…That the best that can happen in program like this is to  meet new friends ,to have the opportunity to get to know a new country and of course to get knowledge and tools about a subject. No, it’s not just this, not at all. Some people,some organized situation can make your life upside down into just one week. Just a week..and everything you thought you knew can changed.

Not in the way that the knowledge that you take is so unbelievable. It’s the way that this is happening.

I’ve been to a lot of Erasmus + projects, also conferences and all the learning experiences that I could come with. None of them can be compared with a program like this. I can not explain exactly why this experience was so strong. The trainers, the place, the participants.

From the first day you do things which you think that have no meaning..dancing with the eyes closed, doing meditation, get to meet your futureself…

You have a chance, a good organized chance to get to know yourself, your emotions, your fears, your insecurities, your willings and your dreams.

That doesn’t mean that your life will be so easily be chanced. But you have a chance, you have a chance to see for a while your true child that you have inside you and keep trying to make it sleep. And when you see’s your decision. Maybe it will be a great memory following your life…or maybe you will find your passion and courage to make all the changes you want and all your lifetime trying to ignore them. It’s just a chance…so decide…You will live? Or getting back to sleep?

And don’t think that you are alone. During this kind of programs you will see that everybody around you is another version of you. With all your good and also weak sides. All trying to get to the same destination, just with another path each one. And it’s amazing when you can share your path with others, and you stare together your dreams. It’s the time that each one  want really from the deep of the heart to help the people around him to get to their destination. To help them and also being helped by them. They don’t have to know specific things. Just with looking to your eyes and smiling believing in you. Or share with you their inner thoughts that we ignore to everyday life. And there, you can see so much beauty, recognized that we are all the same, all good and pure searching hard each one for the happiness..A little piece of God in front of your eyes.

I can not tell you how much fun we had, how much we laughed or cried but I can tell you that I feel really lucky that I had a chance like this and I wish everybody could steal some of their time to give an opportunity to himself to get to know better their true self, and that program was a chance like this. So it’s your decision… keep “living” or wake up??

By Xara