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Bring Heroes to Life – Mindfulness a new tool for succes

5-13th April a group of 23 mindful heroes from 12 countries were brought to life during ERASMUS+ training course “Bring Heroes to Life” which took place in Berettyoufalu, Hungary.

Aim of the event was to fill in the gap between human potential and current reality, where well educated youngsters are jobless.

Tools of self-development were offered for discovering your purpose, finding ways to contribute to the world with your purpose, self empowerment to keep working on the purpose and others.

It was quite an emotional week, participants say. When it comes to personal development, tears, revelations, life changes, deep peer connection is a natural process. As addition to regular non formal learning activies trainers Dora Preszeller and Sandra Horea used holistic education and mindfulness tools such as meditation, yoga, Dancemandala, Biodanza, Thai massage, Ikigai, Heroes Journey and similar. In this era of posibilities we need to approach youngsters differently. Instead of empowering them to do something, we have to empower them to find their purpose and stay empowered from within, trainers say.

“Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive and do that. Because what world needs is people who came alive”

Hosting and applicant NGO Sabai Training made sure that the venue is suitable for personal growth. Flowers bloom best in nature, with fresh air and calmness. That’s what heroes need to bloom-safe and healthy space. That’s why every participant committed to mindfulness culture (no alcohol or cigarettes) before coming. Instead of regular intercultural evening everyone shared their personal culture-emotion infused songs, favourite quotes, personal poems, articles. Instead of nights out, participants had early mornings with sunny yoga.

The secret of heroes are their daily habits. Mindfulness habits is the first step towards heroic life. Hope we managed at least to start preparing the soil for these habits.

Looking forward to offer more mindfulness tools to ERASMUS+ world. And in a meanwhile we wish every participant good luck with keeping their inner heroes alive by sharing these tools in their communities.

By Ieva Ugne Ulianskaite

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