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Bring Heroes to Life – Unleashed your potential

As youth workers or educators it stays in our mission to support, guide and empower young people to explore and discover the true potential that stays in each young people. Valuable resources are to be discovered in each and every one of us.

Once the potential is revealed (it is a lifelong journey, so will never be completely revealed and this is the beauty of this work) it must be manifested into the world.

The world is hungry for the humans to bring it to a balance, this is why the topic of our training course plays a major role in today’s society and youth work field in particular.

Young people must first find their unique gifts, their niche in order to give meaning to their existence and live a purpose driven life.

The topic of enhancing the competences of youth workers to better guide the personal and professional journey of youth towards bringing to life the inner gifts and pursuing a purpose in life is crucial for nowadays society. We need competent and mature, soul-centric people who can become agents of change and agents of creation for the word we are living in.  

Author: Sandra Horea

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