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Life – Transformation 7 days Challenges

Start with us the basic steps to transform your life within 7 days with a challange!

How to create a massive positive change in your life with completing daily micro challenges?

4th Nov is full moon and it is considered the ideal time to make positive changes in your life.
I invite you for a 7 days long challenge starting with the full we enter into the waning moon it’s the time to..

✨Take full action to break bad habits or addictions
✨End a bad relationship
✨Correct mistakes
✨Let go negative emotions
✨Start working on removing obstacles

It is the best time to change your life into a better shape. Now.
Stay with me from 5th November…🌟 for 7days providing you micro challenges every day to guide you through this process.

We will cover several topics every day and once you complete the challenge and keep on doing them, you can be sure that you will solve 1 problem each day! Topics covered during these 7 days:
– release stress
– shift to positive mindset
– ensure better sleep
– give more self-love
– boost your self-confidence
– eat/drink mindfully
– reconnect with your body

It is important to do, but not important but no problem if you can’t start with me on time, you just follow the steps every day and complete whenever you can.

Invite or tag your friends or anyone interested in self-development in Facebook so we all make sure, more people will be able to live a happier life 🙂