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Create Peace Through Leadership: Sharing with local communities

My name is Andrea Fazekas, a lucky person who had a chance to be a participant at an Erasmus plus
project. The training course was about Creating Peace through Leadership and was held in Hungary,
Alsotold, between 1-8th December, 2018 with 24 participants from Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Sweden,
Romania, Italy, Austria, Greece, Hungary, Turkey, Slovakia and the United Kingdom.

We learned about mindfulness and leadership including a lot of games and life situations. I appreciated very much that theory and exercises were in balance. This kind of experience has given me a lot of positive energy and helped me learn how to handle certain situations in my life.

As I wanted to try to spread this knowledge among my friends, I decided to organize a workshop for our running group.

We ran around our Hungarian sea in May It was a big challenge, because we had to run the complete
220 km distance within 24 hours. It was not only our physical strength that we needed, we needed our
mental health as well. The last evening, I organized a workshop about meditation techniques and team
division. The first part of it was the theory about our role. We all had very rough tasks, as we had to run
during the night as well, so we needed to be in a system. Everybody was responsible for the other too.
We chose a leader, a coordinator and team workers. It helped us to be more effective.

I showed them some leader models too.

It was interactive, including me asking a lot of questions, such as “What is your
motivation to run?”, and the answers helped me to decide who can take the different roles? We also
exercised how to give feedbacks to each other. I believe, if we can speak about everything we can work
in a team.

After that I showed some breathing techniques,

for example Prana Nadi. We sat down on the ground together and we became more relaxed. We also used it between our running phases. Knowing our role is not only important in a company, but for all the projects we are involved.

The participants were very thankful to me for having given/giving them some other perspective as to
how to see their tasks. We have successfully completed our 220 kilometers.

Author: Fazekas Andrea

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