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Create Peace Through Leadership – How would you describe your day?

During a very intense day of Create Peace Through Leadership Training Course Nikola took a great effort to collect some feedback from the participants. The question is simple: “How would you describe your day?” The answers are so colorful like the participants. 

„ I feel satisfied about the group work – we did a great job, but at the same time i am washed out „ – Anna (Latvia);

„Very fun preparation project and cool team „ – Titas;

„Very creative team and i am lucky to be with them on the preparation of the project „ – Vasilis;

„I really liked this day „ – Berkay;

„Very useful, but intense„ – Milda;

„It was tough today, but we managed to do this „ – Nikolaj;

„ It was a relaxing and productive day „ – Aregnaz;

„ It was a great day to learn about the competences of others
and see how we can use our differences to our advantage „ – Lii;

„It was great day to start with yoga” – Deniz;

„ It was a shit „ – Miro;

„ The day was very busy, but we had a super team with whom we worked. We have worked, tried and discumed hard and I am sure it was worth it „ – Merili;

„ Really tired day, although creative „ – Andriani;

„The day was an inspiring one. I enjoyed working with the others as we had a lot of cool ideas. I am thankful for this day and for being here to the training „ – Evelin;

„I was very glad to be here today! The yoga in the morning really woke me up. We can learn every day more and more about our leadership skills and mindfulness skills. The participants are great people!

„Today was wet outside, full of wet ground, but it was so nice to walk though that wet field „ – Federico;

„Today was different. I spent a long time with people I really like and then our workshop did not work out so well. So mixed feelings. „ – Anna;

„I feel satisfied about our preparation for the workshop and a bit sad, because i am sending home and it is the time to leave„– Sofia;


Author: Nikola Piekalne

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