Live it

Stories about empowerment: Courage, Persistence, Resilience

Sabai training would like to share several different articles about people who are empowering themselves in several ways. 


The trucks behind me were making loud noises, resembling a pack of lions feasting on a fallen prey. They were not more than 1 meter between me and my bike, and I felt their impatience growing. The road was too narrow, and they could not overtake me. A long line of trucks and cars was forming behind me, and I was pedaling like crazy. At certain areas the road became a little wider, and every time this happened, a truck could pass me, just.  Breathing In, Breathing Out, as I was taught so many times before. It sounds so simple, but in this situation it was not so easy. One moment of losing my attention, and I would surely find myself below the tires of a truck. After riding like this for what seemed like ages, I found a spot to exit the road and bike my way into what felt like a blissful state of relief. I made it without a scratch.


A few weeks before, I was making preparations for a bike ride, which would start in the Bulgarian capital Sofia and end in Krakow, Poland. I was well prepared, in good shape, and eager to get on the road. The plan was to bike from Bulgaria to Serbia, following the Danube river until Budapest, Hungary. From there I would ride into Slovakia, and eventually I’d reach my destination in Poland. I booked the flight to Bulgaria and off I went for a new adventure! Just kidding, I missed the flight. And the second one as well. Luckily, I don’t give up easily, so I booked a third flight and this time I catched it.


I felt pain all over my body. My legs were itching like crazy, my butt hurt, and my hands felt numb. This was mainly the result of a wrong turn I made, finding myself at the end of a dirt road and deciding to continue of the beaten path, while there was no clear way for me to go any further. I dragged my bike alongside me, through needles, thorns, and other hostile plantlife. Because I had so much adrenaline going through my body, carrying my bike up the mountain in search of a way to continue, I didn’t feel much of it at the time. Later though, safely in my tent, I surely did. I was aching and there was nothing I could do, besides sitting it out and focusing my thoughts on something else. After a restless night in the Slovakian mountains, I got back on my bike and continued my way. The itch in my legs had subsided, but not the pain in my butt and hands. I had to micro-manage my ride, taking many small breaks and relaxing my body, preventing it from becoming too tense. After a while I got into the rhythm, got used to the pain, and I was back on the right track!

Many people choose to stay hidden behind the walls of their comfort zone, afraid of stepping outside. Fear of the unknown is what is holding them back, and in order to overcome it, you have to be courageous, persistent, and resilient, you have to give it your heart so you can tear down those walls and step beyond them! When that happens, you will see that things will go your way, as long as you really go for it. That does not mean things will be easy, on the contrary. I have had many moments of desperation, not knowing what to do. But after a while there is always something that gets you moving again. If there is anything I would like you to take away from this story, it would be to listen to your inner voice, follow your dreams, and stay committed to them. Things will work themselves out along the way!