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Happy Birthday Sabai Training #1

Happy birthday to Sabai!!!
We are one year old 😁😍🙏

Celebrate with us today! Our most committed members are at the other side of the world, preparing for you amazing programs for 2018!

Our goals for 2018:

We are going to bring Asia closer to Europe by promoting one Asian country in each month. You will be able to participate on some awesome events in Hungary about India, Nepal, Indonesia or follow one of our members online check in from Thailand and many more! Who wants to learn Thai or Shiatsu (Japanese) massage, cook some spicy Vietnamese soup, explore Nepal through pictures, know the hidden Bali, and many more?
#travel #asiaeurope

MOVE-mentor: awareness campaign on sport and health! CSR sport and health, mental and physical well-being oriented activities offered for communities, stakeholders and companies. We will empower people to get into the practice mode and energetize themselves through their own experience.
#sport #health #awareness

Peace-building. In cooperation with #worldpeaceinitiative we will focus on well-being by offering several events related to yoga, pranayama, meditation and dance mandala. Come and let yourself fall into a deep relaxation, perfect body-mind connection and inner peace. We bring you super easy steps and methods to release tension from body and mind. Say goodbye to overthinking, stress or anxiety.
#peacebuilding #innerpeace

Which program do you love the most?