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European Week of Sport 2017

The European Week of Sport promotes sport and physical activity across Europe while We at Sabai Training believe that not only it shall be highlighted and done in Europe but promote it as a Global Movement call for all to be active, sporty and living a life filled with movement that helps you to be healthier and more self-aware.
As a celebration of this week 23-30 September we want YOU to help to make it as big as possible and make eachother aware as wide across the globe as possible!
In our call we want you to share one picture here with us where you are doing any sort of sport or physical activity wherever you are!

Our aim is to highlight the importance of the benefits of healthy lifestyle and it’s benefit in the form of balanced mind!
Let’s do this together and show us your activity!!! 😉

Get to know more and join to the others too:

Greetings from the Sabai team